Welcome to our Private, Tailor-Made Walking Tours

We have 35 private group, tailor-made walking tours in or around London for you to choose from. You choose the date, start time and duration. You can do the walk straight through or if you prefer you can have a break for a coffee, beer, loo stop, whatever. We usually meet you at the underground station that is most suitably located for the start of the walk, but if you prefer we can pick you up from your place of work, a restaurant, whatever. And likewise we can finish the walk at an underground station or drop you at a pub, restaurant, market, wherever.
All walks are led by our owner; public speaker, historian and historical novel author, Ian Porter. He’s a Londoner whose enthusiasm for telling people about the history of his home town is so evident in his guiding.

goodwins-court-02 We think we’ve covered pretty much all of London’s most interesting places and most fascinating history. And we always plan our routes so that our tours are quite simply nice walks. We avoid busy main roads and will take you across a leafy square or down an intriguing alley (or scary one if it’s a Jack the Ripper walk) whenever we can.

1473041234We have a minimum charge for our walks of £80 for up to 10 people, with additional people £8 per person. That’s not to say fewer can’t book. If there’s  only 4 of you and you’re happy to pay £20 a head, that’s fine.


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