Workhouses and Barnardo’s Walk

We start by seeing a memorial to a local councillor who helped secure a famous victory over the government a hundred years ago, for which this area is known. We see the house where Dr Barnardo lived, in a surprisingly posh bit of East End, with a square nearby that wouldn’t look out of place in Mayfair. And just yards away is a fine example of a Victorian workhouse, and where another workhouse was its neighbour. We then walk through an interesting old cemetery en-route to a canal towpath that takes us to the Ragged School Museum which was a Barnardo’s. We can pop into the museum if it’s open, if you wish. Nearby is where Barnardo set up his first School and the remains of another workhouse as well as other interesting history. We see perhaps the East End’s most historic church beautifully located in a spacious parkland setting, before heading through the square that was the model for the TV soap Eastenders. We also see where another famous doctor worked in a hospital for the poor at the same time that Barnardo set up his first Home nearby.

Start Bow Road underground station
Finish Very nice cafe across the road from Limehouse DLR station

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