Secret St Pancras Walk

st pancrasWe start by visiting a wonderfully historic gardens which within the space of a few yards has us seeing half a dozen grade 1 & 2 listed places including the tomb of Mary Wollstonecraft and a memorial built by perhaps the world’s greatest ever philanthropist, and a lovely church which has ancient connections. And its all gazed down upon by one of London’s most imposing buildings – an old workhouse complete with an old ‘dead house.’ We then head into two acres of amazingly peaceful enclosed woodland and ponds which makes you think you’re in the middle of the countryside rather than central London. We then head down a pretty canal past a charming lock and basin to Gasholder Park, which is an amazing blending of Victorian & 21st century engineering.  Then we quickly stick our heads in Kings Cross station to see platform 9 and threequarters, before wandering through the cathedral of Victorian railways, St Pancras station, which also has some huge spectacular contemporary art works to see. Then it’s on to see a couple of first in the history of women’s medicine, via a charming little Georgian walkway and gardens which bring us to where Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley lived. We start with one Wollstonecraft and finish with another, her daughter.

Start St Pancras Station
Finish St Pancras station
Shorter walk – same start and finish points but a shorter route

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