Ye Olde City of London: Fire, Insurance, Coffee & Cockneys Walk

great fire of lWe start at the Monument, with an explanation of anti-fire regulations circa 1666, how the Great Fire of London started and how it was allowed to spread. We then follow the fire’s path through the narrow alleys of Ye Olde City to St Pauls, and hear why these alleys are still the same routes that were there before the fire. There’s lots of other Olde City history too including Leadenhall Market, Cockneys of Bow Bells, Coffee Houses, Lloyds of London, the Guilds, Shakespeare, Markets and Elizabethan Smoking! We then see where the Great Fire was finally stopped and we tell you how the City was rebuilt. And we’ll see places that avoided the fire – London’s oldest  house, oldest hospital and oldest church, and we’ll finish by seeing two beautiful and historic properties built just after the fire.

Start Monument underground station
Finish Blackfriars Station
Shorter Walk Alternative – finish St Pauls underground station


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