Leafy Westminster & the Garden Museum Walk

This walk takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the usual Westminster tourist haunts, into uncrowded, little known gardens, yards and squares. There’s lots of history – the best street of beautiful Queen Anne houses in London, a secret service building, a famous hall connected to the world’s greatest Victorian philanthropist, a Suffragette memorial, a famous school, the venue of the first regulated football match, TE Lawrence’s pad, a memorial to the end of slavery, and the square where the father of investigative journalism lived. And once you’ve seen all that, we take you over pretty Lambeth Bridge to a surprisingly green part of Lambeth before finishing at the Garden Museum. This is a hidden gem. As well as being great for gardening enthusiasts, it’s also good for art and food. Some of the greatest botanical artists in the world have beautiful work on show here, and the museum restaurant is one of the best in London. And there’s even a very famous man’s tomb in the garden!

Start St James’ tube station
Finish Garden Museum or Lambeth North tube station

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