Atmospheric Westminster & St James’s Walk

This walk takes place almost entirely on charming gas lit streets. But you certainly don’t have to do this walk in darkness or twilight to enjoy it because it passes through some of the most charming places in central London. We start by avoiding the crowds by diving down narrow streets and courts to hear all about their fascinating history. There’s Bazalgette’s embankment of the river, the story of the original Charing Cross, some Dickens stuff, a bit of American history too. We then head for a charming slice of St James’s which is slightly hidden away off the beaten track so although it’s right next to some of London’s most famous sights (which we also see), its beautiful streets and architecture is rarely seen by tourists. This includes a lovely memorial to the old Queen Mum. We then head through a slice of beautiful St James’s Park and get an amazing view of Buckingham Palace, before heading through some of the oldest, most charming streets in London, and again whilst being close to very famous sights, we have these beautiful areas to ourselves before popping out right opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Start Leicester Square underground station
Finish Westminster underground station
Shorter Walk alternative Finish St James’s underground station

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