Ye Olde Smithfield & Museum of London Walk

The Great Fire of London stopped just shy of Smithfield, so this walk shows you many of London’s oldest things. The oldest house; the oldest church; the oldest hospital. There’s also the greatest piece of Elizabethan architecture in the country (we explain that bold statement) and there’s also the grimmer side of medieval life, or to be more exact death – the Black Death; hanging, drawing & quartering, and other gruesome stuff. There’s also the interesting story of the 350 year old fat, golden boy statue that still stands here today. Coming forward into the 19th century we see the HQ of London’s bodysnatching industry. There’s also London’s most haunted pub. Light relief is provided by Sherlock – this is where he jumped off the roof at the end of series 2. And then we head into the museum to see what ever you fancy – the whole of London’s history is here from Romans to Suffragettes to 2 world wars.

NB: This winter walk is tailor-made according to the weather. A lovely day and we can spend most or even all of the walk outside. If it’s cold or wet, we can spend more time inside the museum.