Trains and Boats and Planes (and a Cable Car) Walk

This walk takes us well off the beaten track. We start by taking the Emirates Cable Car (small additional charge to your oyster card) over the river to enjoy amazing views of London and the O2. This is the best value view in London. Far cheaper and yet more spectacular than the Olympic Park Orbit, the Eye or the Shard. Once back on terra firma we head along spectacular old docks. There’s an option to cross the Royal Victoria Dock by footbridge for amazing views and to see planes fly seemingly just overhead as they head into or out of City Airport. The lifts for this high bridge do not work so it’s 80 steps up and 80 down so we only do it everyone is fit and willing to do so. Otherwise we simply walk around the dock. But it’s certainly a great view from up there, straight down the runway lights. We then see a lightship and the historic SS Robin, before heading past a huge derelict mill and on to where the largest explosion in history at the time took place 100 years ago. We then get a fine view of the Thames Barrier before we head by DLR a few stops to East India. From here we see a fine memorial at the spot from where the first ships set out to settle America at Jamestown. Then it’s on past cormorants to the only lighthouse on the Thames; plus old warehouses and workshops that have been converted into cool arty workspaces. And we finish at a choice of great riverside cafe restaurants next to the lighthouse or we can walk you back to a tube/DLR station. Or for a novel shortcut back to North Greenwich you can hop on the tiny ferry that crosses the river here.

Start North Greenwich underground station
Finish Trinity Buoy cafe restaurant or Canning Town station
Shorter Walk alternative: omit the bridge across the dock