Young Dickens’ Holborn & Bloomsbury Walk

We start with Young Dickens before he made it big. We show you where he had his first white collar job and tell you about the mischief he got up to when he was bored. We also show you where he was living at the time and here, like many places we visit during the walk, tell you how he later used locations he knew in his writings. You hear how he became a star, and we see places he used in Bleak House before heading to Fagin’s Den, Bill Sikes’ local pub and many places used as locations in Oliver Twist such as where the Dodger first meets Oliveroliver twist. You hear why Dickens lived in so many places, and why he appeared to visit so many pubs. And we follow in Dickens’ footsteps into the fascinating areas of narrow streets and old buildings (now rather more charming than they were in his time!) through which he walked to get ideas for his stories. And whilst doing this you hear all about Dickens the man, husband and philanthropist too, and we see a famous children’s hospital which he helped get upgraded from its simple beginnings.

You also see what claims to be the Old Curiosity Shop, and hear how that bit of ‘fake news’ came about.

Start Walk: Holborn underground station
Finish Walk: Russell Square underground Station
Shorter Walk alternative: Start Chancery Lane underground station


2 thoughts on “Young Dickens’ Holborn & Bloomsbury Walk”

  1. How long does this tour last ?

    • nashey1888 said:

      It is tailor-made walk so can last however long you wish but 2 hours or 2 and a half hours is the duration most people go for. A 2 hour walk finishes in Spitalfields whereas the longer walk finishes up at Shoreditch High Street.

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