Olde Rotherhithe & Wapping: Tunnels, Pirates, Graveyards & Docks Walk

Wapping-Pier-HeadPerhaps a little surprisingly, this is one of our prettiest walks. The tour starts by walking you around historic Rotherhithe village, where the first tunnel beneath water was built (and is still in use; you probably travelled through it to get here). There’s also the Mayflower pub from where the Pilgrim Fathers left for America; a fascinating old graveyard and watch house and great views of the Thames & Tower Bridge. We then head into the Olde Wapping of salty seadogs. We see the pub where Capt Bligh used to drink with Mr Christian; the spot where pirates were hanged and the pub which served them their last drink beforehand. There are huge walls and impressive warehouses which were to keep valuable stock in and dodgy characters out. There’s a leafy churchyard with a fascinating history, and we see Wapping’s “pirate ships”, next to a pretty canal. We see some of London’s oldest pubs, and you’ll also see a pub that claims to be something that it isn’t! We also see London’s oldest police station, the Wapping of JMW Turner who had a pub down here, a workhouse and London’s oldest police station. And we can finish at London’s oldest riverside pub, the charming old Prospect of Witby.

Start Rotherhithe overground station
Finish Wapping overground station or the Prospect of Whitby Pub
Shorter Walk alternative: Omit Rotherhithe and start at Wapping

2 thoughts on “Olde Rotherhithe & Wapping: Tunnels, Pirates, Graveyards & Docks Walk”

  1. How long does this tour last ?

    • nashey1888 said:

      It is tailor-made walk so can last however long you wish but 2 hours or 2 and a half hours is the duration most people go for. A 2 hour walk finishes in Spitalfields whereas the longer walk finishes up at Shoreditch High Street.

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