Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and her Gallery Museum Walk

article-2617995-1D868D4C00000578-584_634x440We follow the story of Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson, seeing en-route the old hospital where she trained, the Hospital for Women which she founded and the amazing Victorian architecture of what was the London School of Medicine for Women, for which she worked. And in wonderful contrast, we see a striking 21st century Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing of a modern hospital. We also see a Macmillan Nurses centre built where the second Elizabeth Garrett Anderson hospital once stood, a fine memorial to another pioneering woman doctor and the spot where doctors saved lives after a terrorist attack. And you’ll also hear how a woman passed herself off as a man in order to become a doctor. We also see a Marie Stopes centre, and we walk past the spot where a brave nurse became one of the few women to win the George Cross. We finish with a walk around the fascinating Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery.

Start Walk: Oxford Circus underground station
Finish Walk: Gallery Museum or Euston Station
Shorter Walk alternative: Start Goodge Street underground station


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