Islington’s Beautiful Georgian Squares and Trendy Vibe Walk

This is one of our prettiest and leafiest walks, though you wouldn’t think so where we meet. But one moment we’re in the hustle and bustle of the Angel, and the next we’re in the cutest of pretty, leafy, quiet Georgian streets where Boris lived till recently. We see a beautiful stretch of canal before heading past an impressive Victorian building that’s been converted to into modern day usage. We then see the ‘coffee culture’ of a trendy passageway and antiques market before heading on to the old centre of Islington, which is steeped in interesting 18th, 19th and 20th century history. Now it’s time to see the first of several amazing squares and crescents, many of them Georgian, each one with its own history and interest including our favourite, which is a quite unique mock gothic brick and stone affair. We also see where Tony Blair used to live and a street whose architects appear to have been fascinated with ancient Egypt. There are sphinxes outside every house!

Start Angel underground station
Finish Caledonian Road overground station