Below are some of the testimonials we’ve received from people we’ve guided around London on our tailor made walking tours.

We all enjoyed the walk immensely. We thought it informative and entertaining and it gave us plenty to talk about! We appreciated your relaxed and informal approach and enjoyed your lively and sometimes humorous delivery, which helped give events shape and context, whilst still being sympathetic to the occasionally sensitive subject matter – and keeping it fun too. The historical photos were a really useful supplement for capturing a greater visual sense of the area during the time. The chronological order made it flow easily. And weaving the facts from the socio-political scene created a bigger picture, whilst making it interesting and a welcome offset to any potentially gratuitous element to the walk. So, all in all, a great evening – thank you.” – H. Holmes

“All my family enjoyed your walk. It was very interesting and atmospheric and allowed us to see a side of London normally hidden from the casual visitor. Thanks to your in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and period, you gave us a real insight into the lives of the women involved and the general living conditions at the time.” – J.McCausland

“The walk was fantastic and the information was really engaging. The exploration of each murder site was fascinating with plenty of gruesome details and clear accounts of people living in Victorian London. Ian is an amazing speaker who sweeps you into the Whitechapel murders and generates an eerie atmosphere of what it might have been like to walk the streets of London in fear of Jack the Ripper.” – B.Waghorn.

“Many years ago we took a typical Jack the Ripper tour and spent most of our time trying to see and hear, while ploughing through the streets with over 100 other people. Our private tour with Ian stood in stark contrast, as we could not only see and hear, but also engage. Ian has a scholarly understanding of the era and describes the Ripper crimes in context of the times, all accompanied by photographic images which were fascinating. This is a thinking person’s Jack the Ripper tour and we recommend it highly.” – J. Sutton

“Thank you so much for your tour on Sunday. We all agreed it was the highlight of our weekend. The Water Poet’s food was delicious. Thanks for recommending it to us. Thanks again Ian for such an informative and interesting tour.” – A Lincoln tourist

“Many thanks for the fantastic Jack the Ripper tour. You obviously have a great deal of knowledge which, along with your presentation skills, added to the enjoyment.” – Some Local workers

“Thank you for a very enjoyable walk this morning. It was the subject of our lunchtime conversation! The lunch was good also, thanks for the tip. We have wanted to do that for a long time and I’m glad that I picked such a good and informative guide. All of us really enjoyed it.”-  D.Broadbent

“Thank you so much for the tour, we had a wonderful time. Your knowledge and detail was first class.” – L.Austin

We had a great night out in the East End. Ian carefully planned a pub-based Jack the Ripper tour so our birthday boy thoroughly enjoyed himself. Ian was flexible and very patient with us all. You will have a great time if he is looking after you.” – N.Carey.

“Thank you so much for your walk on Wednesday, everybody loved it. Tracey has been telling everyone at work so a few more people want todo the trip.” – J.Jones.

“Just got back from our weekly Rotary meeting where you received rave reviews. Yes we all enjoyed your tour, well researched was one comment, nice chap was another. Curry was great. You have a fantastic product.” – B.Seymour.