Pirates and Other Salty Seadogs of Olde Wapping Town Walk

You probably won’t be surprised to here the first UK police force was started here (they needed it!) and we see the old police station still here today. We see where pirates such as Capt Kidd were hanged and gibbetted; an old inn where they used to have their last drink; ‘pirate ships’ in dry dock; and you hear all about the real Pirates of the Caribbean and what they really did and didn’t get up to. Pieces of Eight, 15 Men on the Dead Man’s Chest Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum, Buried Treasure, Shiver me Timbers, you name it. And of course we tell you where that pirate accent comes from. You’ll also see the spot where Capt Bligh used to live and the pub, still here today, he used to drink in. And we’ll carry on through the ages to see a huge dock wall and now charming old warehouses built to keep ship’s cargo in and dodgy characters out. We’ll also see the oldest riverside pub in London and the spot where the great painter Mr Turner had a pub. There’s also some fine old admiralty buildings, a little park, a nice canal, some woodland, a spacious dock basin, making it a very pretty walk. And we can finish at one of London’s oldest, most attractive pubs if you wish.

Start: Outside Coffique cafe, Wapping High Street, across the street from Wapping overground station
Finish: Coffique cafe or Prospect of Whitby pub