Great War Home Front & Imperial War Museum Walk

We start at a hospital where the wounded were brought. It’s then on to a statue of a famous Great War heroine which has an interesting story behind it. Nearby is a famous square that was unrecognisable in the Great War, being used for all sorts. We show you amazing photographs to bring the square to 1914-18 life. We also see mansions that were converted into war use, and a park that was part of a huge campaign. We hear about bomb shelters, before going down one to get a tube to the Imperial War Museum. This area was also where Charlie Chaplin was brought up and we hear about him in the Great War. Once inside the museum, we tell you about women’s work – munitions, nursing, clerical work, trams, the land army. And we also tell you about rationing and the Spanish Flu and the significance of both in the war.

NB: This winter walk is tailor-made according to the weather. A lovely day and we can spend more of the walk outside. If it’s cold or wet, we can spend more time inside the museum.

Start: Charing Cross station
Finish: Imperial War Museum or Elephant & Castle underground station


2 thoughts on “Great War Home Front & Imperial War Museum Walk”

  1. valerie manokhina said:

    Hi, when does it (History of shopping) take place?

    • nashey1888 said:

      The walk can be booked for any time. You just need to get a little group together and then tell me when you want it.

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