Taverns, Docks & Salty Seadogs of Old Wapping Walk

Wapping-Pier-HeadThis walk will show you where pirates were hanged and gibbetted; an old inn where they used to have their last drink; ‘pirate ships’ in dry dock; and you hear what pirates really did and didn’t get up to. You’ll also see the spot where Capt Bligh used to live and the pub, still here today, where he used to drink. And we’ll carry on through the ages to see a huge dock wall and now charming old warehouses built to keep ship’s cargo in and dodgy characters out. We’ll also see the oldest riverside pub in London, some fine old admiralty buildings, a great view of Tower Bridge and the river, a canal, woodland, churches and a dock basin, making it a very pretty walk too.

Start Walk: Wapping overground station
Finish Walk: Prospect of Witby pub or Wapping overground station
Shorter Walk alternative: Same start and finish point but a shorter route