Suffragettes Walk

suffragette polling stationThis is our showcase walk. Our owner  and walks guide Ian is a leading expert on all matters Suffragette, and his novel Suffragette Autumn Women’s Spring is highly regarded.

Much of the Suffragettes’ fight for “Votes for Women,” took place in Central London. We show you where it all happened, amidst some of London’s most famous landmarks including Horseguards Parade, Downing Street & the Houses of Parliament.

To assure social distancing we head through spacious Horseguards Parade and along the wide pavement and quiet street between the Treasury and the Foreign Office, and see 10 Downing Street from the back, which is actually a better view than the limited one allowed from the front these days.  This does mean we unfortunately omit getting up close and personal to the Women of World War 2 memorial in Whitehall, but we will tell you its interesting feminist history from a quiet spot outside the Treasury.

We show you a large number of photographs from the times, which bring the streets of Edwardian London to life. We tell you all about the big events and major characters involved. Brave women, scheming politicians, great marches & speeches, violence, arson, prison, force feeding, the Pankhursts, Asquith, Churchill, Lloyd-George, it’s all here. We tell you a shocking, unknown story about Mr Churchill’s views on women gaining the vote, and you find out how and why women finally won the vote.

And if Parliament Square looks too crowded for social distancing purposes, we can take an interesting detour, seeing Millicent Garrett Fawcett’s statue in the square from a distance before heading off to see the Suffragette Scroll in an off the beaten track public garden.

Start: Trafalgar Square, bottom left/south west corner (most uncrowded section) opposite Pret
Finish: Mrs Pankhurst’s statue in Victoria Tower Gardens