Ye Olde City Of London Walk

front page 3You can easily walk through the City of London and think it’s just a sea of modern office blocks. But hidden behind and between these buildings is a fascinating web of ancient alleys which have much history to tell. We start with the Great Fire of 1666. We tell you about 17th century fire-fighting and a useless Lord Mayor before following the fire’s route through alleys, courts & passages, and explain why these pre-fire medieval routes are still there today. We also see Wren’s replacements of what had been gutted churches and a melted cathedral. We show, and tell you the story of, the ancient City walls, Lloyd’s of London, the Guilds, Stock Exchange, Bank of England, Mansion House and a grasshopper. And if you’re a Samuel Pepys fan we can take in things relating to him too.

Start Walk: Monument underground station
Finish Walk: St Paul’s underground station
Shorter Walk alternative: Same start and finish points but shorter route