Our Ghost Walk tends to be done at night for obvious reasons! Though we have done a daytime ghost walk, which allowed us to walk through an eerie graveyard (closed at night) which has the murder victims in it from one of this country’s most infamous slayings, and in the adjoining park (also closed at night) is a mortuary used for the autopsy on of the Jack the Ripper murder victims.

Most people like to do our Jack the Ripper walk at night, but we do quite a few during the day as well. We take a good torch with us at night, and also stand under street lighting so clients can see our great collection of Whitechapel 1888 photographs, which bring the streets, victims and other people of the Victorian East End to life. But obviously you’ll see them even better in daylight. And the murders took place in or close to the City of London, which is eerily devoid of life during the day at weekends, so for example a Saturday morning walk has a good eerie feel to it. And you’ll have the streets and murder sites all to yourself.
Starting the walk in twilight and finishing in the dark is an astute option. The narrow cobbled street where the first murder took place is very atmospsheric in twilight, and you can then see some great photos as we work our way through the other murders. The darkness is complete by the time we reach the last two murder sites and the scarey alley between the two of them.

Other East End Murders is another of our good night walks.

Pirates is equally good as a night or daylight walk.

Most of our other walks are best done in daylight because there’s so much to see, but we can certainly do all of them except one at night too. Historic Greenwich is the one walk that really does have to be done in daylight.