We can tailor-make a walk for people who don’t want to walk far. We can do a shortened, compact version of any of our specific walks or we can combine sections from several walks which happen to criss cross each other, to make a great Hidden London walk.

For example, we can do a Hidden London walk in the Fleet Street area, where within just a few minutes of each other, you can see Dr Johnson’s House where the first dictionary was written, several of London’s most interesting old pubs, three of London’s most interesting and historic churches, a great view of St Pauls, the place where Sweeney Todd’s shop was supposed to be, Dicken’s history, Great Fire of London history, Tudor history, World War 2 history, 1780 Gordon Riots history and even a bit of Jack the Ripper history even though we’re nowhere near the East End!

Our Westminster & the West End walk is great for seeing lots of things in a small area. Not just the well known sites, but the HQ of the world’s first long distance communications network, the world’s smallest police station, the spot where a king was executed, a wonderful new statue to women in World War 2, and we know a great cafe for a mid-walk break.

And much of the havoc caused by Jack the Ripper took place in a surprisingly compact area. One can do a Jack the Ripper tour with very little walking.

Likewise we can tailor-make a tour for wheelchair/mobilty scooter users, avoiding steps, crowds, cobbles, narrow pavements, hills. Thousands go on Jack the Ripper tours every week, yet we’ve never seen a wheelchair user on such a tour, probably because they assume it’s too difficult to negotiate the streets. But we’ve worked out a great route, that avoids all the problems yet you still see all the main sites.