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No this isn’t a “board walk”. It’s a street walk through some of central London’s most well known addresses. We don’t want to upset the Monopoly people so we actually call this walk Pall Mall to Mayfair Without Passing Go. We have to omit the Browns and Blues of outer London, and Fleet Street, to keep the walk to a reasonable distance, but otherwise we do the other properties almost in order. We explain why one set of colours are not street names and show what they are in reality. You also hear about one place that simply doesn’t exist and never has! Though we do see the miss spelt street which was supposed to be represented. You’ll also see and hear all about the great places of interest in the Mauves and Reds, before we see some of London’s poshest commercial addresses in the Yellows, a Green that is owned exclusively by one person who rents the whole street out so really is like a ‘property’ and further Greens and a Dark Blue which are also full of interest. We would usually omit Park Lane simply because it adds 10 minutes walking at the end of the walk and to be honest it’s not a terribly interesting road but if you’re really keen, we can take you there too. One place we certainly can’t take you to in central London is Free Parking!
Start Charing Cross tube – Cockspur Street exit
Finish Bond Street tube or Selfridges