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The problem with our original Famous Murders walk was that it was our longest walk, and nearly all the murder sites except the first one were in the second half of the walk. Clients rarely made it to the couple of murders. So we have devised a new route which is not only shorter but has the murders more evenly distributed.

Six of the seven most famous murder cases in Britain from 1811 to 1911 took place in the East End. Jack the Ripper was one of course, and we see where he committed a murder that almost saw him caught. This spot is some way from his other murder scenes so is not shown on any Jack the Ripper tour. We also see where the Ratcliffe Murders, the Wainwright Horror, the Lipski Tragedy and the Siege of Sidney Street that followed the Houndsditch Murders, took place. The 6th murder spot was on a train over near Victoria Park so we can’t show you that, but we’ll certainly tell you about the Muller Railway Murder.

We walk through old atmospheric streets and show you plenty of period photographs to bring the old East End back to life. We also tell you why so many famous murders took place here and finish with the pub where Ronnie Kray committed a murder in the 1960’s.

Start at Wapping underground station
Finish at Whitechapel underground station or Blind Beggar pub
Shorter walk alternative – Start Shadwell station