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We can do this walk for children or adults or families. And the walk takes place in a quiet part of London well away from traffic, so it works well for school parties and families. We’re happy to do a risk assessment with teachers for school groups, and we talk over with teachers and parents what can and can’t be covered, although to be honest it’s usually the nastier stuff that the kids are particularly interested in! And even the need for a mid walk wee is covered – there’s a great little cafe (it was originally the pub where pirates had their last pint of beer before being executed) en-route where I’m always happy to grab a coffee whilst clients use the facilities.

What is the difference between pirates, privateers and buccaneers? Who were Capt Kidd, Henry Morgan & Blackbeard? Who was Elizabeth 1’s favourite pirate? How accurate is Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean? Which pirate really was a bit like Johnny Depp? How much money did they make? Why were pirates so feared by the Royal Navy? Did pirates really speak with a west country accent? What are the facts and what is the fiction? Come on this walk and find out. See where pirates were hanged; ‘pirate ships’ in dry dock; a huge dock wall which kept the cargo in and dodgy characters out. There’s also stuff on the jolly roger, cutlasses, navigation, the code, “learning the ropes”, buried treasure, pieces of eight; weevils, rats & maggots; wooden legs, eye patches, parrots, personal hygiene (lack of!), walking the plank, Blackbeard’s beard, two tougher than any man women pirates. And there’s even a ghost in the area.

And our guide even dresses up as a pirate!

Start at Wapping underground station
Finish at St Katherine’s Dock, Tower of London or Tower Hill underground station.
Shorter walk alternative – finish Shadwell station