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We originally had a Hidden Westminster walk and also a James Bond and the Real Services walk, neither of which have proved popular. So we have combined them into a Secret Westminster Walk. You see all the well known sights – Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament – but from unusual angles, away form the overcrowded main tourist spots. So for example, you see 10 Downing Street from its back entrance in Horseguards Parade, which is much more interesting because you can see more and you’ve got the views to yourself. And you can see how an apparent terraced house appears so large inside. And we’ll show you countless interesting historic places, some of whom are hidden down little nooks and crannies, just yards from where thousands pass by daily without ever knowing they’re there.

And we’ll also show you a more literally Secret Westminster, where hush hush mystery buildings, tunnels and an entrance to a multi billion pound underground complex are secreted. MI5, the London branch of GCHQ, Q (no not the old gadgets bloke in James Bond films) are here. There’s also stuff from World War 1 & 2 and even what was a secret Napoleonic War communications set up. And there’s the world’s smallest police station, only big enough for one man – basically a spy hole, and thousands walk past it unknowingly ever day.

Start at Royal Opera House, Bow Lane
Finish at Westminster underground station.
Shorter walk alternative – Start Covent Garden underground station