ripper 1The recent demolition or cordoning off of three of the murder sites including the most famous one, has left other Ripper walking tours, most of whom take place at similar times each evening, crowding together in the same few spots. This spoils the atmosphere and enjoyment. So we decided to work out a new route and new timings. Because we take smaller numbers and have a greater knowledge of Whitechapel, we’re able to take you on a much more interesting route full of old narrow streets and scary alleys than bigger, less knowledgeable walks can’t manage. For example, we’re the only company who take you down the alley shown in the adjacent photograph (bring someone who wears noisy soles on their feet so they can lead us down the alley producing a nice atmospheric echo!). And we do it before the other tours start, during daylight or twilight. This way we get all the best spots to ourselves, and also allows us to show you a fine array of contemporary photographs that bring the streets and people of 1888 to life. We also show you where several victims lost their lives and the spot where the only clue ever found was dropped. We also see lots of things still here from those days – pubs, a night shelter, a soup kitchen and a prostitutes’ church.

NB: You can choose to start your walk any time between 10.30am and 5.00pm

Start Walk: Whitechapel underground station
Finish Walk: Spitalfields market or Brick Lane or Liverpool Street station
Shorter Walk alternative: Start Aldgate East underground station