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14483075050_a09581cf11_bYou start at the Monument to the Great Fire to see where, and hear how, the fire started. You also hear how the authorities tried to deal with it. There’s something interesting on the Monument itself which is explained, before following the fire along its path through tiny late 17th century alleys, which were originally lost in the fire but replaced just as they were. You pass through the area the fire devastated, seeing churches and other grand City buildings that date from their rebuilding after the fire. There’s a fantastic view of St Pauls from an unusual angle and you hear how today’s great cathedral rose out of the ashes. There’s also a huge Roman wall and you see where it stopped the fire and where it didn’t. You also see where the fire was stopped from spreading north, thanks to which you then see London’s oldest house, oldest hospital and oldest church. Then it’s onto where the fire was finally stopped from spreading further west, and you hear how this was done. Phew, the fire is finally out!