Riot, Siege & East End Murders 1811-1966; Cable St, Sidney St, Victorian Murders and the Krays


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blind beggarBritain’s 3 most famous 19th century murder cases before Jack the Ripper also, remarkably, took place in Whitechapel. There’s a walk you can take where you can see where these occurred and you’re even shown where one of the supposed (a right stitch up!) murderers was buried under a local crossroads! He’d still be under there but for the gas company digging up his skeleton 77 years later! You’re also told why Whitechapel produced such famous murders. And you’re shown where the Cable Street Riot, the Siege of Sidney Street and an infamous murder by the Krays took place, again remarkably, all in the same area. And of course we tell you all about these cases too.

And note that this walk takes place in an area that is not (unlike the Jack the Ripper part of Whitechapel), under construction works at the moment. This walk takes you through a fascinating part of the Old East End, through narrow Victorian streets, past old warehouses and the like.

And there’s an option to see where Jack the Ripper (probably) killed poor Long Liz Stride, which is a little away from his other murders, so Ripper walks never take you there because it doesn’t work for them in terms of their routing.

Start Walk: Shadwell station
Finish Walk: Whitechapel underground station or Blind Beggar pub
Shorter Walk alternative – same start and finish points but a shorter route



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