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1880593279You start by seeing a moving memorial to a terrible disaster and then you’re on Mother Kelly’s doorstep, i.e. we’re “down Paradise Row”. You then head past a renowned children’s museum en-route to much greenery and bluery. You see a canal as you enter into a slice of beautiful Victoria Park to see its lovely lake and something built by the world’s greatest ever philanthropist, and hear how it all got there. Then you pop into Sylvia Pankhurst’s Bow for a brief visit, before heading along a pretty canal complete with charming old barges. You then cross the River Lea, which means you are no longer in the East End, and you’re suddenly surrounded by waterways as you get told their history. Then you enter the Olympic Park to see the Orbit and the Aquatic Centre, and hear how “Legacy and Regeneration” is getting on in the area.

Start Walk: Bethnal Green underground station
Finish Walk: Pudding Lane DLR station or Stratford shopping centre cafe or pub
Shorter Walk alternative: Same start and finish points but a shorter route