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_72382505_16ad6b44-708e-4bf2-9aac-bc7e8cba71ebThis walk starts with fascinating ceramics in a memorial built by one of our greatest artists. You then see a much praised Elizabeth Frink sculpture followed by a much criticised Anthony Caro work. You also see a completely blank work and are told what it means and also a sculpture that is shockingly more contemporary than it should be. Crossing the ‘wobbly’ bridge you hear the story of how this attempt to combine engineering with contemporary art came a cropper to earn its nickname. You then see amazing marble heads by the great Emily Young, and an interesting bronze work by Ivan Murray. You also see an intriguing bronze installation by the Greyworld Artists which actually moves!

The it’s into the Tate. You’ll be shown whatever is in the Turbine Hall, and then you’ll head for the amazing Seagram Murals of Rothko and hear the story of them. You finish the walk at the 3rd floor espresso bar (great views and a much needed coffee!) but en-route from the Rothkos you’ll see some interesting stuff. This will vary of course but at the moment Rebecca Horn has some strong work to see.

Start Walk: St Pauls underground station
Finish Walk: Inside Tate Modern
Shorter walk alternative: Same start and finish points but a shorter route