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selfridges-visitors-day-posterWe have replaced our Mr Selfridge walk with this tour because there’s so much more to be shown and told about the history of shopping. We start at the Ritz and tell of its place in shopping history. We also see classy Fortnum & Masons and tell you the fascinating story of how the two men got together. We walk through the amazing Burlington Arcade and along famous clothing thoroughfares such as Savile Row and Jermyn Street, telling you the history behind them. We even show the shop where Indiana Jones bought that hat! Then it’s Bond Street to hear a couple of anecdotes from your guide about when he worked for one of the world’s leading fashion brands. You’ll also see where the woman who essentially invented haute couture had her first shops. Then we pop across to see the shopping icon of the 60’s, Carnaby Street before returning into the Mayfair of Harry Gordon Selfridge. We tell you about the extraordinary father of modern shopping and what innovations he brought in that we take for granted today. This includes the wonderful tale of how certain problems of having a shop on Oxford Street in 1910 being solved led to every department store in the world copying Selfridges. And we advise on a nice place to ‘do’ lunch or tea.

Start Walk: Green Park underground station
Finish Walk: Selfridges, a cafe or Bond Street underground station