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The mass celebrations of the end of the war on the Home Fronts on November 11 bring people into close contact and thus spread the flu quicker than ever. The flu is killing over 20,000 per week in the US, a similar number per month in Britain. The virus has reaches Western Samoa where it wipes out 20% of the population. Whole Inuit tribes are being wiped out. India is well on the way to losing 17 million people to the pandemic. Germany is losing a similar number to Britain but many more through malnutrition.

The photo above is what’s left of a horse minutes after it had dropped dead in a Berlin street. The starving are reducing it to a skeleton.

A British woman named Dorothy Buxton starts illegally smuggling images (the British government did not want its people to see them so had banned such imports) of the starvation on the German Home Front into Britain. The images are at the heart of a campaign to ‘Save The Children’ of Germany from starvation and rickets by sending them milk. It is the start of one of Britain’s largest charities.