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As we come out of lockdown, we thought people might like a walk in London but would be wary of crowds. So we have made changes to the routes of all our walks to ensure social distancing is adhered to at all times. Stopping places are always in spacious spots. An example of a change of route is our Hyde Park & Cosmopolitan Chelsea Walk, is now our Hyde Park, Horses and Harrods Walk. The walk now takes place almost entirely in the park (sorry Chelsea & Kensington, you’re just a bit busy!). We can drop you at Harrods at the end of the walk, or finish the tour in the park near whichever transportation you wish. We have also added new walks such as our Intriguing Spacious Quiet Spots Walk. And a Rooftop and Other City Gardens Walk. The latter is part of an increase in the number of walks we are doing in the City of London, as the area is ideal for uncrowded weekend walks and uncrowded weekend trains to get there. And even our newest walk – Controversial Statues (we like to keep up with events!) – whilst taking place mostly in Westminster, the route has been astutely devised to keep away from crowds and takes place in leafy, spacious spots.