Intriguing Uncrowded, Quiet Spots Walk

We start by standing in a stunning courtyard to gaze at the beautiful Apothecaries Hall built in 1670. Then it’s time to walk through a big courtyard which was once a Shakespearean theatre. We then head into what is called the King’s Wardrobe area. You hear how it got its name of course. It’s a time capsule of quiet leafy spots and yards, where Shakespeare once lived. We then head through forgotten places with wonderful names like Hanging Sword Alley (no longer an alley so plenty of space). We see some historic olde inns, and then it’s on to see Dr Johnson’s House, tucked away in a gorgeous Georgian square, before we head for the beautiful tranquillity, green space and lovely architecture of the Inns of Court. We then stroll through London’s oldest and largest green square. And we finish at Dickens’ Old Curiosity Shop. Or do we?

Start outside Black Friar pub opposite Blackfriars station
Finish Lincoln’s Inn Fields or cafe, pub, shops in Holborn area

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