Docks, Locks, Rivers & Mills Walk

This walk is in three sections, with very short DLR rides connecting the sections.
We start by heading over the River Lea and several of its man-made tributaries into a charming area of 18th century mills (as seen as a backcloth in MasterChef!). Then we cross over a lock constructed during the building of the nearby 2012 Olympic site. We then find ourselves on a new footpath through wild countryside before we happen upon a rather beautiful Victorian ‘Cathedral of Sewage’! A short ride takes us to a great view of the Thames Barrier before we head out of Silvertown past a huge old mill into the Royal Victoria Dock for more great watery views. Another little ride takes us to East India, where we see a huge memorial to the first Virginia settlers as we head along the Thames (more amazing views) past basins to see the only lighthouse on the river.

There is the option to climb a lot of steps to see an amazing view of City Airport from a bridge above the Royal Victoria Dock, but you need to be pretty motivated and reasonably fit to do this as it is a bit of a slog. There is also the option to ride the Emirates Cable Car, which you have to pay extra for on your oyster/travelcard.

Start Bromley by Bow underground station
Finish East India Dock DLR or riverside café in the area
Shorter walk option – omit any one of the three sections

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