Along the River: Old City of London to Wapping Walk

We start by seeing some of the old guilds’ halls, hidden in plain sight along a narrow old street down to the river. Then it’s the seafarers mission church which also has a connection with one Dick Whittington. Then we’re on the river, heading along past the impressive old Billingsate market and Customs House buildings.
There’s a bit of Victorian history to see relating to the early tube and Tower Bridge, before it’s back to ye olde times as we walk past the Tower of London. It’s then time to walk through the very pretty St Katherine’s Dock before heading into charming, leafy, old riverside Wapping to see and hear about its history of pirates, old pubs, Turner, Dickens, Capt Bligh, old warehouses, docks and basins.

Start Cannon Street station
Finish Prospect of Whitby pub or Wapping overground station
Shorter Walk Alternative – start The Monument underground station or Fenchurch Street station


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