City Gardens Walk

Covid has closed down the beautiful garden on the rooftop of 120 Fenchurch Street, but we wanted to continue this walk so have rerouted it. We start at a ruined church that has been converted into a stunning garden before heading through a tiny park which is full of history as well as flower beds. Then there are two more gardens to see, one of which is the smallest garden in the city, before we get to more church ruins that have been converted into gardens with lots of history behind them. Then we head into the largest gardens in the City and finish with yet another lovely church garden, this time thankfully not ruins. And there’s lots of other interest along the route. The starting point in Paternoster Square is fascinating and there are also Roman ruins, the most unusual house in the City, the guildhall and an interesting memorial to the men who saved Shakespeare’s works for the nation.

Start Paternoster Column in Paternoster Square, close to St Paul’s underground station
Finish St Botolph’s Gardens, close to cafes, pubs, shops and Liverpool Street station


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