Old Blackfriars, Bankside & Borough Walk

Bermondsey  Morgans Dairy Southwark Park RoadThis walks starts north of the river. We stroll through the little known but fascinating old Blackfriars area which contains the oldest and most beautiful of the old livery halls where a landmark event in women’s history took place. There’s also the King’s Wardobe – we tell you its history whilst you gaze at its lovely old architecture. And we see where Shakespeare lived and had one of his playhouses. We eventually alight out on to the ‘wobbly bridge’. We’ll tell you how it got this name and then cross it to Bankside. This is where all the things that were illegal in the Elizabethan City were allowed to go on south of the river. We tell you about all the dodgy things that occurred and show you where the Elizabethan theatres stood. Then it a change of era by walking into Victorian Borough where Charles Dickens once lived and set some of his stories. We’ll also see some of the best remaining examples of Victorian London buildings.

Start Walk: Blackfriars Station north side
Finish Walk: London Bridge Station
Shorter Walk alternative – Finish Borough Market or George Inn


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