Swinging 60’s Walk

bowie modelling carnabyThis is a walk around the Swinging London scene of Carnaby Street, the Shrimp, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Cathy McGowan, David Bailey, Mini Skirts, Mini Coopers, Mods & Hippies. It’s also the Soho of the Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Hendrix, Tommy, Adam, Cliff, Long John and young unknowns Bowie, Bolan, Rod & Elton. You’ll also see where Paul met Linda, and John met Yoko, and see the locations of clubs, coffee bars and studios where stars of the future hung out, performed and got discovered. And we’ll walk down “guitar street” and see “the wall” where young hopefuls still hope to start their music careers just as they did there in the 60’s.

NB: We can drop you at the new Hendrix Museum at the end of the walk if you wish.

Start Tottenham Court Road underground station
Finish Piccadilly Circus underground station or Hendrix Museum in Brook Street
Shorter walk alternative – Same start and finish points but a shorter route


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