Swinging 60’s Soho Walk

We start in “guitar street” where various legends of the 60’s & 70’s started out. Then it’s into the Soho of 60’s clubs of varying sizes from tiny places where the stage was a few milk crates and planks of wood to iconic venues where the biggest names were discovered. There’s the area frequented by mods, and of course there’s Carnaby Street. You hear all about mini skirts, the first supermodels, famous photographers. The Stones, the Beatles, The Faces, Bowie, Bolan, Rod, the Who, the Kinks, Long John Baldry, Georgie Fame, Adam Faith, Cliff, Hendrix, Tommy Steele, Ready Steady Go, Cilla, Dusty, Lulu, Sandy Shaw, Twiggy, The Shrimp, Mary Quant, David Bailey, Marianne Faithfull, they’ll all here.

Start Tottenham Court Road Tube station
Finish Piccadilly Circus

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