Roman London Walk


Start Tower Hill tube

We start this walk by showing you perhaps the most well known section of London’s Roman wall close to the Tower of London. As we then head north we see further Roman walls tucked away, both above and below the surface of the present streets. We walk along the route of the wall which is still today the boundary between the City of London and the East End. We head into the ‘square mile’ that was Roman London and see where the tomb of the Unknown Roman Girl lay beneath us. From here, rather than follow the route of the wall along what is now a busy traffic chocked bit of main road, we head into a particularly interesting historic (Medieval/Georgian/Victorian) section of the City before arriving at what was the centre of Roman London, where the greatest ever find of Roman London artifacts have been found. Then it’s time to see where the Roman ampitheatre stood, a small section of which can still be seen today (see below). It’s in a museum not because it has been placed there. The museum was built on top of it! Then in close proximity we see surprisingly well preserved Roman walls, towers and gates. At the end of the walk we can drop you at a nearby tube station or cafe/pub, or can walk you back to the museum which houses the section of ampitheatre so you can visit it at your leisure (it’s free to visit).


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