Science, Engineering & the Faraday Museum Walk

You start by being told about the construction of Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross station, and the embankment of the river and building of London’s Victorian sewer system. You see where great scientists and inventors such as Benjamin Franklin lived. And if you’re into big buildings, you’ll enjoy seeing the very impressive art deco Adelphi followed by the historic Savoy and the mega imposing Freemasons Hall. Then it’s some of the oldest street lighting in London, the story behind Covent Garden, including the square, the Royal Opera House and Bow Street police station, all of which are seen. You then head into a maze aka the Seven Dials which includes an extraordinary Water Clock. You then travel by tube a short distance but beforehand you hear about the building of the underground. Then you see a hotel that’s famous for something, but you hear of how it is also known for being the first construction of its type in London. You finish at the amazing Royal Institute, one of the most extraordinary buildings in London, which also houses the Faraday Museum, a must for all scientists.

Start Trafalgar Square
Finish Faraday Museum or Green Park underground station

2 thoughts on “Science, Engineering & the Faraday Museum Walk”

  1. How much would this cost for a group tour on Sat or a Sun?

    • Hello Thushara

      It depends on how many are in the group. The minimum cost of a tour is £90 for up to 10 people and then £9 per person thereafter.

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