The Old East End & Museum of Docklands Walk

This walk is great in winter because we keep things flexible according to the weather. If it’s nice there’s another to see just walking the streets of the Old Est end but if the weather is poor, we can make a b-line for the splendid Museum of Docklands and then we show you round its fascinating displays.

If it’s nice, we take you through old Stepney, much of which is still there today form the old days. Old tenement buildings built for the “deserving poor”, beautiful big old 18th century houses that wouldn’t look out of place in the poshest parts of the West End, a famous old church, interesting graveyards, remnants of workhouses, the area where a famous Hollywood director was brought up, an historic old canal, the area where Dr Barnardo started up and a square that inspired the TV series Eastenders. And this surprisingly attractive walk then heads round beautiful Limehouse basin en-route to the museum, which itself is a great building, being a converted old warehouse. And it’s right on a lovely stretch of old docklands water. There’s even the nicest Wetherspoon’s we know to finish at if you wish.

Start Stepney Green or Limehouse station (depending on the weather forecast)
Finish Museum of Docklands or Canary Wharf

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