Women & The Home Front in the Great War Walk

world war 1You’ll hear of the inequalities women suffered whilst doing jobs men had done in the past – from munitions workers to footballers! We’ll see where huge recruitment, fund raising and propaganda stunts took place, including the building of a mock ruined French village. We also walk past different types of war hospital, hundred year old air raid shrapnel marks, and you’ll hear how things associated with the World War 2 Home Front had their roots in the Great War. You also walk across beautiful St James’ Park whilst hearing how open spaces were used in the war. There’s a little about the secret service and there are plenty of memorials to be seen of course, but we’ll also consider the commemorations that aren’t in evidence such as the non existence of a memorial to the women of the Great War. But we do see statues of the leaders of both the Suffragists and Suffragettes and you’ll hear how women finally won the vote during the Great War. We’ll show you lots of great photos too, but also tell you how some of them, such as the one above, were not quite as they seemed.

Start Walk: Embankment underground station
Finish Walk: Westminster underground station or cafe/pub in the area
Shorter Walk alternative: Start Charing Cross station


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