Jack the Ripper – the real story; not the stuff invented by films, books and other tour guides! Great 1888 photos too.

Americans in London – Lincoln, Franklin, Washington, FDR, Dwight D, Downing of Street fame and many more.

Dickens’ London – Where Dickens lived and set scenes in his books – Fagin’s den, thieves’ kitchen, the Chancery etc.

Hidden London – An assortment of things missed by tourists, e.g. the world’s smallest police station in Trafalgar Square.

Historic Greenwich – The Prime Meridian, Royal Observatory, Royal Naval College, Henry V111, Nelson, the river.

Horrible Olde London – Persecution, execution, body snatching, riots, plague, hangings, burnings, heads on spikes.

ye Olde City of London – The Great Fire, Dick Whittington, Lloyds of London, the guilds, the “snobbery police”.

Pirates – Down by the river; pirates, privateers, buccaneers, murder, a pirate ship, salty sea dogs, Execution Dock.

South of the River – Once a law unto itself. Shakespeare’s theatres, bear-baiting, prostitution, prisons, graveyards.

Suffragettes – Brave women, scheming politicians, marches, police brutality, arson, prison, force feeding. Great photos too.

Tudors – this is NOT a Tower walk. Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, Lady Jane, Essex, Cranmer & More in central London.

Westminster & the West End – All the famous sites from unusual angles. No crowds, plenty of surprises.