Our pirates walk starts down by the river amongst the wharves, warehouses, cobbled streets, alleys and ye olde pubs where salty sea dogs hung (pun intended) around when they weren’t saling the seas. Execution Dock, where pirates such as the infamous Capt Kidd were hanged, was at the low tide mark outside one of these pubs, which still stands today. There’s also a pirate ship in dry dock, an old village and a huge dock wall left over from the old days, the spot where Capt Bligh lived, and plenty of other seafaring stuff. We tell you the difference between a pirate, a privateer and a buccaneer, and we tell you what’s true and what’s not, from Treasure Isalnd, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. We also show some very early photographs of the area, which though post-date pirates of course, give you a good feel for what the area looked like in the old days.

This is a great walk for adults, but we can also tailor-make it for children if requested. We ask parents/guardians to just let us know what they would like omitted (mention of prostitutes, murder details, hangings details or whatever) from the walk. If in doubt we’ll leave it out. And obviously we make it fun for the kids with plenty of proactive stuff along the way.