The problem with seeing the “must sees” in any major tourist city, is that such places are of course very crowded. But we have devised our Westminster & the West End Walk to not only avoids the crowds, but to also to be more interesting, surprising and simply more pleasant than the standard tours that have see ploughing through the crowds and traffic fumes by Whitehall, Parliament Square and Big Ben.

We show you all the big sites, but for example, instead of just walking the length of crowded Whitehall and being disappointed to find you can’t see or get anywhere near the front entrance 10 Downing Street because of security precautions, we take you through pretty & spacious Horseguards Parade (and get a photo of a guard in his red uniform as we go); then we see the little known back entrance to no 10 which is far more interesting because you come to realise how such an apparently small house can be so large inside; then we see an amazing view of Buckingham Palace across the lake in St James’ Park. And when we get to Westminster Abbey we know a great litle short cut through to the far end of the Houses of Parliment which is full of interest.

You also see some great little surprises – for example the world’s smallest police station, which is in Trafalgar Square. It was built not to be noticed and it isn’t! Thousands pass it every day and never spot it.

And if something is cordoned off due to a demo or something (e.g. Horseguards Parade will be cordoned off a lot in the summer because the Olynpic beach volleyball tournament is taking place there), our second-to-none knowledge of London allows us to find great alternative routes. For example, if Horseguards is off limits we can go a different way and show you the original Great Scotland Yard police HQ and a house with American Independence connections, or we can go through the impressive Admiralty Arch, up a hidden staircase, through a little hidden gate, and into the beautiful and historic St James area, where there’s lots of interest to see.