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Lots of walks companies do ghost walks so we thought we’d be a bit different. We feature ghost stories but also walk you through the only central London graveyard that’s open at night and tell you the chilling tale behind it. We also tell you how vampires came about and given that we’ll be walking through the part of London that has the bloodiest history imaginable, we’ll tell you of all the ghastly goings on that have taken place here.

We start by listening for the scratching of Black Death victims buried alive beneath us in plague pits. We go through Smithfield, the execution centre of London in medieval times, where screams and spirits have been heard of the tortured and the burnt at the stake. We see where a famous Scotsman was hanged, drawn and quartered, and nearby where the leader of a famous rebellion also met a grisly end. We pass haunted St Bart’s and tell you of the hospital’s scary elevator ride. We also tell you all about grave robbing and show you where the grave robbers used to work. Then it’s on the most haunted pub in London. We can stop for a drink there if you wish but women be warned, one of the pub’s two ghosts is in the ladies’ loo! Then it’s on to where haunted Newgate Prison used to stand, where our most prolific ever serial killer once turned up some years after she had been hanged. And we even show you the best photograph of a ghost ever taken. It’s very spooky!

Start Barbican underground station
Finish Blackfriars station