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Much of Dickens’ life has been well covered by books, TV and film, but his early life in London before he made it is rarely mentioned. And many people don’t realise that it was London itself, particularly the Holborn & Clerkenwell area, that was his muse. And one of his great loves was walking, and this included trips around this area to gain inspiration when he had writers’ block. So our Dickens walk concentrates on the area Young Dickens knew both before and just after he became a star.

You hear of young Dickens before he was a writer and see where he used to work as a clerk and play tricks on people. Dickens moved home a lot – you’ll hear why and see several of the places where he lived. You’ll hear of how he gradually moved up in the world and eventually made it big, and using many of the locations we’ll be visiting in scenes in his books, in particular Oliver Twist. As a result you’ll see where Fagin’s Den was set, the two pubs where Bill Sikes used to drink and the 19th century tenements where the Dodger showed Oliver how to pick a pocket or two. There’s also the tall story behind the so called Old Curiosity Shop and some great photographs of Dickensian London to see too.

Start Chancery Lane underground station.
Finish Russell Square underground station