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With the recent demolition or cordoning off of three of the murder sites, including the hitherto most unspoilt one, this has left all Ripper tours lacking things to show clients. So we decided to work out a new route. Because we take smaller numbers we’re able to take you on a much more interesting route full of old narrow streets and scary alleys that bigger walks can’t manage. But we also still show you where three of the victims lost their lives and the spot where the only clue ever found was dropped. We also see lots of things still here from those days – the pub all the victims used which still has its 19th century interior décor, almshouses, a night shelter, a soup kitchen and a prostitute’s church. You’ll also see a fine array of contemporary photographs that bring the streets of 1888 to life. And you get to blow an 1888 police whistle if you wish!

The three murder sites in questions are:

The murder site of Polly Nichols in Bucks Row (nowadays Durward Street), complete with the wall by which she was killed, has been cordoned off by construction of the new Whitechapel Crossrail station. It is doubtful whether the wall will still be there when access to Durward Street becomes available.

Mitre Square, where Catherine Eddowes was killed, has always been the most visited murder site because it was the least changed and most atmospheric, and was large enough for the biggest tour groups to get into. At the busiest time, about 8.30pm, half a dozen tour companies could all be crammed into the little square at the same time. But it has now been demolished to build a new skyscraper.

The murder site of Mary Kelly, 13 Millers Court, the whole court and Dorset Street which it was off, were all demolished in 1928. Nowadays a private walkway goes past the spot where Mary died. For years the owners turned a blind eye to Ripper tours using the walkway, but when the owners were frustrated in their attempts to have the site redeveloped by a petition organised by local Ripperologists, they cordoned off their private property.

Start Aldgate East underground station.
Finish Ten Bells Pub, Brick Lane or we can drop you back at Aldgate East or Liverpool Street stations