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There are other tour companies who do Sherlock Holmes walks. And The problem with a Sherlock Holmes walk is that Baker Street is a very busy, traffic choked modern road with little to commend it for a walk. And it didn’t even go up to 221 in Conan Doyle’s day. He deliberately chose an address that didn’t exist. And places he used in the books are not too conducive to a walk either. So given the popularity of the TV series Sherlock, and given that it uses rather more interesting and walk-friendly sights, we thought we would do a Sherlock walk.

The Sherlock sights are a little scattered so you’ll need a travelcard/oyster so we can jump on the tube. We start at the hospital which is used throughout the series and is where Sherlock fakes his death by jumping off the roof. And we see how he may have done it. Then it’s on to 221b (thankfully nowhere near the real Baker Street) where we can have a cuppa in the café below if you wish. Then it’s Soho to see how Sherlock & Watson were able to chase down on foot the escaping taxi driver in Study in Pink. We also see where they film Mycroft’s club, where Moriarty had a bomb victim standing; the rooftop where Sherlock gazes out over London and you hear why you don’t see the Blind Banker’s Chinatown. We finish at a themed pub which has a fine reconstruction of Holmes’ study.

Start Barbican underground station
Finish Sherlock Holmes Pub or Charing Cross station
Shorter walk – omit 221b

If you’re also a fan of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, we can also take a detour to Baker Street. We can show you the only complete, surviving Baker Street house from the 19th century and a few other things of Holmes interest.