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We start by seeing where a V2 rocket destroyed a market and left shrapnel markets still there today. And we get to compare a remarkable rooftop view of London today with a photograph of destruction taken from almost the same spot during the Blitz. We also see London’s most unusual house which came about from WW2 bombing. And just how did St Pauls miraculously survive untouched? We’ll tell you. You’ll also see a memorial to heroes of the Blitz. We also show how censorship was used and how life carried on regardless. You’ll also hear of shelters, the black market, rationing, evacuation, doodlebugs, propaganda and other elements of London’s war. And we hear the war stories of the hospitals and churches we pass too. And we see some remarkable, heart-warming and shocking photographs of those times.

Start Barbican underground station
Finish Temple underground station
Shorter walk alternative start St Pauls underground station or finish Blackfriars station