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Much of the Suffragettes’ fight for “Votes for Women” took place in Central London. We show you where it all happened, amidst some of London’s most famous landmarks including Trafalgar Square, Downing Street, Whitehall & the Houses of Parliament. We also show you a large number of photographs from the times, which bring the streets of Suffragette London to life. We tell you all about the big events and major characters involved. Brave women, scheming politicians, great marches & speeches, violence, arson, prison, force feeding, the Pankhursts, the Pethick-Lawrences, Emily Davison, Prime Minister Asquith, it’s all here. There’s also a shocking anecdote about Mr Churchill! You also see the interesting, artistic memorial to Suffragettes en-route to finding out how, when and why women finally won the vote. Please note that this is our most popular walk with both schools and universities. We can deliver it at whatever level is appropriate.

And also please note that anyone who comes on this walk can buy a copy of our owner’s novel, Suffragette Autumn Women’s Spring, which is mostly set in London, at a heavily discounted rate. It’s £8.99 in the shops but to you it’s just £3 per copy.

Start Trafalgar Square
Finish at Mrs Pankhurst’s statue or Westminster underground station
Shorter walk alternative – Same start and finish points but a shorter route