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peter panOn our Kids Stuff walking tour we twist through interesting little alleys to see a clock that ran by water, and the closest thing to a maze in central London. We  see where ballet students dream of becoming ballerinas, and then it’s on to where the first Punch & Judy was performed; now a great spot to see street entertainers. We see the place which inspired Diagon Alley before getting a tube to see a famous children’s hospital and its Peter Pan statue. You hear about children in Oliver Twist’s time, see old schools and pass a special playground.  We then look for Foundlings’ tokens before heading for Harry Potter’s railway station where you (almost) disappear into the wall on platform 9 and threequarters.

We also do a Real Pirates of the Caribbean Walk. What is the difference between pirates, privateers and buccaneers? Who were Capt Kidd, Henry Morgan & Blackbeard? Who was Elizabeth 1’s favourite pirate? How accurate is Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean? What are the facts and what is the fiction? Come on this walk and find out all the answers.

2355404060_dd59bc1ba1_zSee where pirates were hanged; an old pub where condemned pirates were allowed to have their last pint of beer; a pirate ship in dry dock; a huge dock wall which kept the cargo in and dodgy characters out. And there’s stuff about the jolly roger; pistols and cutlasses; how to board a ship; how ships navigated; “learning the ropes” and “swinging the lead”; buried treasure; the pirates’ code; pieces of eight and other booty; weevils, rats and maggots; wooden legs and eye patches; pet parrots and monkeys; personal hygiene (lack of!); walking the plank; and Blackbeard’s beard – a fearsome thing to behold. And as well as pirate stuff, we walk past some Mutiny on the Bounty history too.