This is a great walking tour if you’re worried about the weather. 75% of the walk takes place indoors or beneath the ground. We take a tunnel that links three of London’s greatest museums and pop into each one of them for a quick look round. If you’re happy to spend equal amounts of time in each, you’ll see Rodin sculptures, The Rocket, the Apollo 10 Command Module, historic fossils and a Diplodocus.
Tyrannosaurus-rex-at-the--001But if you’d rather see a T.Rex than a sculpture, or one of the first motor cars rather than a dinosaur, just let our guide know and he’ll adjust the walk accordingly. You’ll also have the chance to stop for a cuppa in the oldest (and most beautifully decorated) museum café in the world. The rest of the walk is outside, to see beautiful museum architecture, a great concert hall and a college for the arts. And we see the site of the Great Exhibition which inspired all this splendour.

cafe-v-a-museumStart and Finish Walk: South Kensington tube station
Shorter Walk alternative: Omit one of the museums or the outside section of the walk