ripper 1 There are numerous “Jack the Ripper” walks in Whitechapel but this walk is something different. It concentrates on the social history surrounding the murders, with particular reference to women’s lives in the East End at the time. You’re shown streets that were once the poverty stricken slums in which the prostitution at the heart of the murders took place. You’re also told the stories of the poor women who were murdered. And because these tours take smaller numbers than the usual walks, they’re able to take you places the others can’t, into an area of narrow streets, alleys, old houses and other old buildings. You see original cobbled streets, a wash house, a night shelter for the poor, a refuge for fallen women, a soup kitchen, Toynbee Hall and a prostitute’s church. You’re also taken down the narrowiest, scariest alley in the area where the photograph above was taken (the person with the most echoey shoes gets to lead down there!). You’re also told  about the one man who has one piece of hard evidence against him. And no, he didn’t wear posh clothing, have links to royalty or have his DNA traced. But we’ll tell you where those old chestnuts come from. And we bring along a great selection of photographs to bring the people and streets of Whitechapel 1888 to life.
Please note Ian Porter, who guides these walks, is a respected expert and writer on the Whitechapel Murders.

Start Aldgate East underground station
Finish Shoreditch High Street or Liverpool Street stations, or local pub or restaurant
Shorter walk alternative: Same start and finish points but a shorter route