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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is certainly one of the prettiest, leafiest walks through several fine squares and gardens of London. You see where Dickens lived, wrote and contributed philanthropically to his local area; and where JM Barrie did likewise. And Bloomsbury is also crammed with evidence of its other rich literary past from a cast list which includes The Shelleys, Virginia Woolf, Iris Murdoch, Mary Wollstonecraft, Dorothy L. Sayers, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, TS Eliot, WB Yeats and George Bernard Shaw. You see where Shaw self-educated himself, where Murdoch would turn up unannounced with her latest hand written novel, where Mary Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Right of Women and where her daughter was living when she wrote Frankenstein, and where the Bloomsbury Group loved, lived and worked.

Start Walk: Russell Square underground station
Finish Walk: Russell Square underground station